Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Step off the map and float...

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So here is my personal Google map that I have created on Igoogle. What I chose to include were some of my favorite local shops that I go to, some local pubs and places that have live bands play, restaurants and a craft store. Looking at this map made me realize that I spend the majority of my time downtown in Regina, which is funny because I live in the east end. I like to promote the local shops of Regina, because I believe they offer some new and refreshing things that box stores may not carry, and it's always nice knowing your money goes back to your community instead of some million dollar chain store.
I had some trouble figuring out how to add photos onto my map, so in the end, I used little icons they already offered in frustration.

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  1. Cool map! I like how you marked places that some of us might not know about although we also live in Regina. :)