Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Project : StoryBoard Draft

Here's a rough draft of how the Video tutorial will pan out. Of course I will update it with the actual photos, than the finished project.
During the making of this, everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong: my sewing machine went crazy, Ivan lost the manual during the move to the new place, the tutorial online was not clear enough so I ended up making the first pair of leggings wrong.
In the end, I did overcome these barriers, but this project turned out to be longer than I expected. I also ended up going to my Aunts house to use her sewing machine (which I got a free meal out of- so that wasn't so bad). Now all that there is left to do is to make the video, create some voice clips and I'll be done. I was hoping to include a couple of other little DIY- eco-friendly idea's for old clothing, to go with my theme of DIY, but only if I have time.

Video Introduction
"Hi I'm Alejandra and today I'm going to show you how to make your very own pair of DIY leggings. All you'll need for this project is a sewing machine, some measuring tape, a meter or so of stretchy fabric, I used some spandex, with matching thread, an elastic for the waist - if you want to save cash you can use one from an old artice of clothing, some chalk, pins, and scissors.
Let's get started!"

Picture: Fabric laid out on table
Audio- "First, lay out your fabric on the table, folded in half."

Audio- "Start off by finding out your personal measurements.Use your measuring tape to determine the length from..."

Picture- Audio- "your waist to your ankle"

Picture- Audio- "then your inseam ( which is your crotch) to your ankle"

Picture- Audio- "then your waist to your inseam, front and back."

Audio- "Then you need to measure the width of your..."

Picture- Audio- "waist..."
Picture- Audio- "thigh..."
Picture- Audio- "calf and..."
Picture- Audio- "...ankle."

Audio- "Once you have the measurments, be sure to write them down. We need to do a bit of math now.
Divide all your width measurements by 4;the length measurements are fine."

Picture- Audio- "Make marks with your chalk on the fabric to layout the length."

Picture- Audio- "Waist to ankle - allow for three inches for seam allowance for sewing."
Picture- Audio- "Inseam to ankle - add a half an inch of seam allowance"
Picture- Audio- "Make marks for your waist measurements..."
Picture- Audio- "thigh measurements..."
Picture- Audio- "calf..."
Picture- Audio- "...and ankle. This is what your pattern should look like."

Picture: Diagram

"Now it's time to cut. Take your scissors and cut out the pattern. Don't cut along the fold.
This is what it will look like after. It may look different depending on your measurements."

Pictures: Cut out pattern

"Now it's time to sew. Once you have your sewing machine threaded, fold your pattern in half and sew up the inside of the leg from..."

Picture- Audio- "...ankle to crotch."

Video clip: sewing
Pictures: finished leg

Picture- Audio- "Once you have both legs completed, turn them inside out and stuff one leg inside the other. Make sure the inseams match.
Now sew the legs together"

Video clip: sewing

Picture- Audio- "They should now look like this."

Picture- Audio- "Now turn your leggings inside out and fold the top down 2.5 inches. Use a zigzag stich to sew it, leaving a two inch hole for the elastic to go in."

Video clip: sewing

Picture- Audio- "Feed your elastic through, zigzag stitch, and back stitch, than sew opening hole for elastic, and Voila!"

Pictures: finished product.

Video clip: "Now you can go out and party in your new pair of leggings."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Barrier in Time

I decided to download Audacity to create my podcast for my tech task. Once I opened it, it turned out to be a lot more complicated than it looked. I read a bunch of "How to's" online, and watched a few different video tutorials on Audacity, each teaching in different ways. I grew tired and frustrated and decided to create one using my boyfriends macbook with the easy Garage band mix. Once Friday came around, I was feeling sick, again. I ended up spending Friday night, and all of Saturday and Sunday in bed, delirious with both a flu and an eye infection. I yet to make my podcast, and my google map in which all I have to include are images. I'm really feeling the crunch in all of my classes as we are near the end of the semester and most large projects are due. I was also planning on doing some storyboard work on my video tutorial for my final project in this class, but like I said, when you're sick, your brain turns into mush, and nothing seems to make sense and everything seems to tire you out.
Within this week and the next, will you see it all fall into place. Until then, I'm gonna lie in bed and drink some warm tea, and hope I feel better tomorrow.

Photo by me
135 mm B&W film

Monday, March 16, 2009

Podcast = New Radio

As technology grows, so do our opportunities to share it with the world. There are number of ways of sharing, whether it be through blogging, video upload like youtube, or the growing popularity of the podcast. Podcasting is almost the new form of radio, as you can listen and subscribe to your favorite subjects. Podcasting goes beyond the walls of the radio, as now people can choose what they listen to, and even the listener can contribute by leaving comments after the program. This new technology is a cheap and easy way for people to share an opinion, share educational information, or even just talk about their life. So for tech task #14, we have to search podcasts that can be educational and helpful, and one that sparks our interests.
For the educational podcast, it took me a few searches to find one that wasn't a "How to learn a language". I checked out me peers blogs to see what they found, and when I read Marcy's on the one minute "How to's", I decided to check it out. Their were a number of shows that were accessible straight from their website, and ranging a number of different topics. I chose "How to remove a mental block", as I've been experiencing some this past week. The host interviews Jason Van Orden, who`s a podcasting consultant and gives you a number of ways to avoid a mental block. Jason has 60 seconds to explain and at the end of the podcast, they leave a number of links for inspiration. It was short and straight to the point, which much like Marcy, keeps me interested.
For my entertainment podcast, I chose Kevin Smith`s podcast called "Smodcast". I`ve been a faithful listener since last summer, and listen in weekly (or as often as he updates them). The name Smodcast was created by Scott Mosier, the co-director of Kevin Smith`s films, and together they host the show. It comes from both their last names, "S" from Smith and "M" from Mosier, which than replace the "P". (I know far too much about this, than I should.) The content of this show is fairly offensive and inappropriate, which if you subscribe on itunes, gives you a warning before hand, so if you don`t have a good sense of humor, than you wouldn`t quite like it. The reason why I listen in to the show is because I love Kevin Smith and his movies. I love his sense of humor, and they talk about the most ridiculous things. It allows me to have an hour a week to unwind and be able to laugh out loud in my room while sketching.
In the meantime, I yet to figure out how to create my own podcast, but once I do, you`ll be able to find it here. Until next time...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital Hello's

This afternoon, a had a short little skype visit with Stephanie Olson's grade 5/6 class. It was great seeing the kids live in their classroom as Stephanie introduced the kids that I was mentoring over the past couple of weeks. They would take turns standing up and wave hello. The student's also asked me some questions. They were mainly interested in knowing where Chile was, and whether I was born there.
Than came business. The students had made 10-15 second long book report using their mac computers. I was astonished to find out that they had 64 mac computers at the school for the students to use (More than what the class needed). Now they had to upload them on their blogs. I instructed the class, via webcam, how to upload them using their blogger accounts, or if last resort, using youtube. Like any class, we ran into some trouble, but by the end of it, more than half the class had their video's up and running, as others helped eachother. It was fun seeing them, and having contribute to the class learning experience today. Stephanie and I hope to organize another skype call before the mentorship is over.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Comments Gallore

Well not exactly, but today when I signed onto my blog, I received about 5 comments from Seth Dickens class from Italy. It was a pleasant surprise as the girls expressed their common interest with me and other things that they were into. You can view these comments from my old entry: "Hello Italy!"
Next in the class agenda, the students will create a wiki page based on psychology. The main focus will be Freud and his theories, which I'm sure, will be interesting. Than Amber and I are to make a video/presentation on Personal Learning Networks. Because I was ill today, I took the opportunity to lay in bed, and research a bit more on PLN's, and how we can present it, and explain to them what it is. I hope to also share this information with Stephanie Olson's class as it may also benefit their class as well.

Photo found on Flickr
By James Sarmiento

Cinemetography at its Best.

Inspired by our in-class session last Wednesday, Dean had assigned us to find a scene from a movie that follows the elements in film. The subject of film is a growing interest of mine, as film is a common use in photography and cinematography, and I am currently taking a film class. Last class helped me explore the use of a camera, and angles, direction, etc. It helped me have a better understanding/appreciation for cinematography.
So for tech task #12, I chose a scene from the 2008 Oscar winner for cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire. I had just recently watched this film, and made sure to pay special attention to the cinematography. I believe they chose the right film as it explores all aspects of film, as it uses lighting, mood, scenery and camera angles to it's greatest advantage. This particular scene was one of my favorites. Among it were a number of shots: medium shots,panoramic shots, close up, tracking shots, and worms eye view, to name a few. The story in this scene follows two brothers after escaping an orphanage, and their work on the trains. I think you'll enjoy it for it's innocence and its beauty.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From one Blogger to another

During our "in person" night class tonight, I asked Dean how I could demonstrate my actual work that I am doing with Stephanie Olson's class. He wasn't going to go to these blogs and see the postings and responses I've had with these kids, so I've got show it myself. Here's probably the best example I can give you. The young girl was blogging about her ultra sound check she had for her shoulder because she's a swimmer. She posed me a question and I answer it with a short but simple to the point answer. I also used hyperlinks with examples for her to use. Anyways, you can click the image to see for yourself. Most of the time I leave casual comments so they know they have more than just one audience. I also pose questions from the stories they tell in their blogs so they know I actually read them and am interested to read more. Another thing I do is let them know about their grammar and encourage them to revise their blogs before posting, as they can correct it right away, and is a good habit to get into.
I'm having a great time so far reading these kids blogs. They're so bright, and know so much already. They post photos and short clips in some of their blogs, which is way ahead of me from when I was in grade 5/6.
Reading their blogs also remind me of some of my own journal entries. How they write, and the silly little details they get stuck on writing. It's super nostalgic.
An observation I came about within these blogs are the topics the kids chose to write about. Boys tend to write about video games, sports, and toys. They're also short blogs, that get straight to the point. The girls write about their friends and events that take place inside and out of school. They're lengthy and always include photos. It's kind of funny to see the comparison. Neither is better or worse, it's just an observation.
So far, so good!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visiting Ol Pa- Part I

For my longer story telling task, I chose to use Voicethread. I had known a bit about Voicethread before hand from the video I had to watch for my tech task #7, so I was already familiar with the purpose and benefits of this website. I had a bit of trouble starting, just like anyone who's first signs up for a new website, but after 5 minutes, I was going with the flow. I tend to have trouble speaking into the microphone, telling a story freestyle, so I wrote up quick sentences for each photo, much like a story board.
My story is based on a trip to Lumsden to visit Ivan's Ol pa. It was nice going through these photos, remembering summer, during the cold climate right now. Hopefully I can make a follow up story to this: Summer oh nine- Visiting Ol pa-part II. How epic is that!

Story in a Blink

While reading Amber's and Erika's blogs, they demonstrated how to create a short story video by using animoto. I decided to give it a try as the graphics and editing was done for you (which unlike for Erika, I prefer), and quick and easy to use. It was hard to determine what story I would tell, it's not too clear because there isn't much text or any audio recording, other than the music, but I think the idea of a tattoo convention came across clear. All photos were by me, no flickr this time. Hope you like it!

Music: New Bomb Turks
Song: Jukebox Lean

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Repetitive Act

This weekend, I helped my boyfriend and his roommates move into their new place. It is something I don`t want to relive in a long time.
I`ve never had to move in my life, which I`m very thankful for, so this was my first time really participating in such an activity. You never realize how much `stuff` you have until you have to box it all up and move it somewhere else. This process was repetitive as Friday and Saturday were a constant packing and driving from one place to the other, and repeat. Than Sunday we unpacked some things and tried to find corresponding spots for them. Now this process alone was annoying enough, but there is more to it than just that. The new place that Ivan and his roommates moved into, was bought by his roommates parents who wish to sell it one day, when the market goes back up again. In the meantime, they are creating a new room downstairs, where Ivan`s room will be. Now, the room is not yet done, and we wont be moving his things to the basement until the middle of next week after it`s painted, etc. Ivan is currently sleeping in the guest room, where they want to make into the office, so no one really has their things settled just yet. All we can really do is wait, as things are still sporadicly everywhere.
Another thing I wanted to add (more of a observation), when the back of our truck that we rented was filled with Ivan`s `things`, we passed many house, and other trucks filled with peoples belongings and I got to thinking, `Can you imagine if everyone had to move, how much stuff, a lot of it, things we don`t really need or use, takes up space in our home?` Do we really need all these things? This is probably bad for our environment. And how we once use to live with less, just the necessity, but now, our society is so obsessed with material things, we can never really return to that. It really grossed me out, and made me feel guilty. But what is there to do about it?

Photo found in Flickr
By Barca