Thursday, January 29, 2009

Job Loss

This morning, while getting ready for school, I was listening to CBC radio. In the midst of brushing my teeth, they announced that the Kodak company plans to cut 6,000 jobs in North America, and today in B.C, the construction company has laid off 7,000 workers. That's huge! I fear the consequence of all these job losses and the effects it will take in North America will be destructive. I don't believe our society is ready for such a high unemployment, of which is already record breaking (a record not to be proud of). Our food bank suffers enough as it is, let alone to support a defecate.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New & Crummier Polaroid Camera

I was excited to hear that Polaroid was creating a new camera that instantly prints, but when I saw it, it wasn't exactly what I hoped for.
I don't think they knew how unique the old Polaroid was. It had a sense of nostalgia and vintage look that no other camera company could duplicate. I hope one day they see this too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

War Photography

For tech task #8, we had to watch a TED video, and I came across this little jewel:

I had the benefit to come across, James Nachtwey, which is an amazing photojournalist, and famous war photographer. I've always been in love with photography, and actually do some of my own, but nothing as near as astounding as his work.
The stories he captures and retells in this video are so heartbreaking, and beautiful as photographs like these capture raw emotion that no walmart portrait could create. And with this he comes with a powerful message of hope, and help for others.


Okay, not gonna lie, I had a bit of trouble with figuring this thing out, but so far this is what I have. If you guys see anything wrong with it, feel free to point out my errors so I can edit them.
So far all I have is my delicious thing, Miss Pacman, Youtube and weather. Beats me!

The Ever So Helpful Google

During dinner, my father, his girlfriend, and I were discussing about the internet and its benefits. Just recently I helped my father sign up for a Facebook account so he could get in touch with old colleges and family from other countries. In a matter of minutes, we were done and had already contacted several family and friends. I also showed him my survey I created using Google Docs, and told him how it created the spreadsheets with all the results intact (he loves spreadsheets). What once would have taken hours to create, using HTML code, now takes only minutes, as websites have it all built for you, ready to use, and only our creativity and cooperation to contribute.
Actually just the other day, my boyfriends grandfather, who's in his 70's, e-mailed him for the first time. Can you believe that this was the same man, that when I first met him, he had to ask Ivan (my boyfriend) for help to use the DVD player. That shows how simple it can be, if someone from a generation long before computers, could learn to use todays technology. (Not like it's ever to late)
I really enjoyed making my survey, and how easy it was to add and delete questions. I think this will be great in classrooms, as it's quick, simple and fun. Not to mention the amount of paper it will save (I'm somewhat of an environmentalist). And looking at the other tools Google has to offer, specifically for teachers, is such a great benefit, and to add in the fact that it's free, is a major plus. Technology shines a whole new light into the classroom, for new and different opportunities, for teachers and students. Something that everyone can look forward too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The First Online Encounter

This evening I attended class. But I attended it in my pajama`s, bare footed, and with my cat at my side. Incredibly enough I did this all at home with the use on my laptop and the internet. Eighteen other people also attended this class as we all contributed our opinions and learned the beauty and advantage to online learning. With the benefit of this, we got in touch with Chris Brechter (I apologize, I might not have that right), who was in Australia. We learned the use of Delicious a website that saves links where you can share with others and access them anywhere, anytime, at any computer, so long as you have the internet. But with all great things, comes a downfall, I don`t know whether it was my computer that failed me, but I couldn`t watch what Chris was doing as he had his screen displayed to the class as he demonstrated how it work. So unfortunately I lucked out and was stuck sitting and just listening. I`m a visual learner so you could imagine I got kind of bored.
Anyways, other then the fact that I missed some of the lesson due to technical difficulties, I am excited to learn how to start these sorts of things, as I can incorporate these new ways of technology and learning into the classroom. It`s gonna keep students engaged, and interested, something that school didn`t always do for me.
Looking forward to the next class.