Thursday, January 29, 2009

Job Loss

This morning, while getting ready for school, I was listening to CBC radio. In the midst of brushing my teeth, they announced that the Kodak company plans to cut 6,000 jobs in North America, and today in B.C, the construction company has laid off 7,000 workers. That's huge! I fear the consequence of all these job losses and the effects it will take in North America will be destructive. I don't believe our society is ready for such a high unemployment, of which is already record breaking (a record not to be proud of). Our food bank suffers enough as it is, let alone to support a defecate.


  1. That is insane. And all the people not going back to work on the rigs here in the rural areas.. it is pretty scary for sure. It will soon affect everyone.


  2. It's beginning. Ivan's roommate got laid off, as well as many others that he worked with. They worked in construction. I was upset to hear this.