Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New & Crummier Polaroid Camera

I was excited to hear that Polaroid was creating a new camera that instantly prints, but when I saw it, it wasn't exactly what I hoped for.
I don't think they knew how unique the old Polaroid was. It had a sense of nostalgia and vintage look that no other camera company could duplicate. I hope one day they see this too.


  1. watched that video, and i definetly agree, its a nice camera and would be pretttty cool to use but you cant replace the old polaroid, this new camera just doesn't have the "personality", if you will, of the old ones!

  2. The whole charm of the Polariod camera was its hugeness. A poloriod cam shouldn't be able to fit a pocket, it should be worn with a strap around your neck like a medallion of cool (resulting in back problems...). Its cool that the pictures it "poops" out can be stickers, I'd put pictures all over public; like in the bathroom so it would creep it out. Shake it like poloraid picutes!