Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The First Online Encounter

This evening I attended class. But I attended it in my pajama`s, bare footed, and with my cat at my side. Incredibly enough I did this all at home with the use on my laptop and the internet. Eighteen other people also attended this class as we all contributed our opinions and learned the beauty and advantage to online learning. With the benefit of this, we got in touch with Chris Brechter (I apologize, I might not have that right), who was in Australia. We learned the use of Delicious a website that saves links where you can share with others and access them anywhere, anytime, at any computer, so long as you have the internet. But with all great things, comes a downfall, I don`t know whether it was my computer that failed me, but I couldn`t watch what Chris was doing as he had his screen displayed to the class as he demonstrated how it work. So unfortunately I lucked out and was stuck sitting and just listening. I`m a visual learner so you could imagine I got kind of bored.
Anyways, other then the fact that I missed some of the lesson due to technical difficulties, I am excited to learn how to start these sorts of things, as I can incorporate these new ways of technology and learning into the classroom. It`s gonna keep students engaged, and interested, something that school didn`t always do for me.
Looking forward to the next class.

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  1. Hi Alej,
    It's great to meet you (sort of)! That's weird that the live feed of Chris's computer didn't work on your computer... did you try watching the recording on our website? Maybe that will work!
    If not, I'm always available to help you out; I've had a Delicious account since the summer after hearing about it in EPS100 last year, so I've pretty much got the gist of it.
    See you in class,
    -Robin Howell