Monday, February 2, 2009


For the past week I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Already this semester had flown by, and I feel like I can barely keep up with everything. It certainly not as strenuous as the previous semester, but it's a lot more harder to stay self motivated (or at least for myself, it is).
I am very excited for this mentoring, but I'm also a little worried. I'm already trying to keep up with checking and reading all my classmates blogs, but to add 2 or 3 other classroom of students worries me. How does one keep up with all the new blogs? And how can we provide insightful comments without repeating oneself like a broken record. Maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing, but can someone re-assure me, or hold my hand?


  1. *hugs* Oh Alej, I'm sure you'll be okay. I find what helps me get stuff done is to 1) make a list; this way I know that I won't forget to do anything. 2) get one or two things done on the list at a time, depending on how much time they'll take and 3) REWARD myself! This can be an hour of free time, a snack, or sometimes just the relief that two more things are done is enough.

    The biggest thing is to stay relaxed. You'll get less work done if you're worrying (the list really helps me there).

    As for blogs, Reader helps a lot with that. If you have the time to go through the news ones each day, then it doesn't seem so bad compared to three days of new blogs to scan over.

    If you need anything, or if you just need someone to talk/rant to, feel free to email/IM me; SEE you on Wednesday,


  2. I think this is something we should discuss for a bit on Wednesday. It's a good question.

  3. Alex,
    You'll be working with grade 5s and 6s in my room. They are not sophisticated people. They'll just be so happy to get feedback from someone other than me.

    And it won't sound repetitious to them because you'll comment to them individually.

    They are great kids. They will be excited to hear from you.

  4. Hey!! I am in the 5/6 OO class. I hope you like my blog when you look at it.