Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Barrier in Time

I decided to download Audacity to create my podcast for my tech task. Once I opened it, it turned out to be a lot more complicated than it looked. I read a bunch of "How to's" online, and watched a few different video tutorials on Audacity, each teaching in different ways. I grew tired and frustrated and decided to create one using my boyfriends macbook with the easy Garage band mix. Once Friday came around, I was feeling sick, again. I ended up spending Friday night, and all of Saturday and Sunday in bed, delirious with both a flu and an eye infection. I yet to make my podcast, and my google map in which all I have to include are images. I'm really feeling the crunch in all of my classes as we are near the end of the semester and most large projects are due. I was also planning on doing some storyboard work on my video tutorial for my final project in this class, but like I said, when you're sick, your brain turns into mush, and nothing seems to make sense and everything seems to tire you out.
Within this week and the next, will you see it all fall into place. Until then, I'm gonna lie in bed and drink some warm tea, and hope I feel better tomorrow.

Photo by me
135 mm B&W film


  1. The 5/6s just used Audacity to tape their scripts for their power points on first nations in social studies.

    The key is to export it as a .wav file.
    Here are the directions I gave them. You may be way past this point and it won't be any help.


    In order to tape:

    1. Open Audacity.
    2. Click the red circle button when you are ready to start.
    3. Say what you want to record. (If it is working, blue scratchy lines should show on the screen.)
    4. Click the yellow square button when you are finished.
    5. Click the word File on the top.
    6. Choose Export as WAV from the list.
    7. Save the file in your J: drive and rename it. Be sure to leave the .wav on the name.
    8. Close Audacity. When you do this it will ask if you want to save the Audacity file. Say No.

  2. I can't email back .Hotmail has blocked all prairiesouth email addresses because something inappropriate got sent yesterday. They are working on it.

    Here's what I wrote to your questions.

    That sounds just right. The kids always love hearing from you.

    I don’t know what PLNs are but we are open to anything.

  3. I'm real happy to see those step by step Audacity instructions. I haven't attempted it yet, But I'm on my WAY.