Monday, March 2, 2009

A Repetitive Act

This weekend, I helped my boyfriend and his roommates move into their new place. It is something I don`t want to relive in a long time.
I`ve never had to move in my life, which I`m very thankful for, so this was my first time really participating in such an activity. You never realize how much `stuff` you have until you have to box it all up and move it somewhere else. This process was repetitive as Friday and Saturday were a constant packing and driving from one place to the other, and repeat. Than Sunday we unpacked some things and tried to find corresponding spots for them. Now this process alone was annoying enough, but there is more to it than just that. The new place that Ivan and his roommates moved into, was bought by his roommates parents who wish to sell it one day, when the market goes back up again. In the meantime, they are creating a new room downstairs, where Ivan`s room will be. Now, the room is not yet done, and we wont be moving his things to the basement until the middle of next week after it`s painted, etc. Ivan is currently sleeping in the guest room, where they want to make into the office, so no one really has their things settled just yet. All we can really do is wait, as things are still sporadicly everywhere.
Another thing I wanted to add (more of a observation), when the back of our truck that we rented was filled with Ivan`s `things`, we passed many house, and other trucks filled with peoples belongings and I got to thinking, `Can you imagine if everyone had to move, how much stuff, a lot of it, things we don`t really need or use, takes up space in our home?` Do we really need all these things? This is probably bad for our environment. And how we once use to live with less, just the necessity, but now, our society is so obsessed with material things, we can never really return to that. It really grossed me out, and made me feel guilty. But what is there to do about it?

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By Barca

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