Monday, March 16, 2009

Podcast = New Radio

As technology grows, so do our opportunities to share it with the world. There are number of ways of sharing, whether it be through blogging, video upload like youtube, or the growing popularity of the podcast. Podcasting is almost the new form of radio, as you can listen and subscribe to your favorite subjects. Podcasting goes beyond the walls of the radio, as now people can choose what they listen to, and even the listener can contribute by leaving comments after the program. This new technology is a cheap and easy way for people to share an opinion, share educational information, or even just talk about their life. So for tech task #14, we have to search podcasts that can be educational and helpful, and one that sparks our interests.
For the educational podcast, it took me a few searches to find one that wasn't a "How to learn a language". I checked out me peers blogs to see what they found, and when I read Marcy's on the one minute "How to's", I decided to check it out. Their were a number of shows that were accessible straight from their website, and ranging a number of different topics. I chose "How to remove a mental block", as I've been experiencing some this past week. The host interviews Jason Van Orden, who`s a podcasting consultant and gives you a number of ways to avoid a mental block. Jason has 60 seconds to explain and at the end of the podcast, they leave a number of links for inspiration. It was short and straight to the point, which much like Marcy, keeps me interested.
For my entertainment podcast, I chose Kevin Smith`s podcast called "Smodcast". I`ve been a faithful listener since last summer, and listen in weekly (or as often as he updates them). The name Smodcast was created by Scott Mosier, the co-director of Kevin Smith`s films, and together they host the show. It comes from both their last names, "S" from Smith and "M" from Mosier, which than replace the "P". (I know far too much about this, than I should.) The content of this show is fairly offensive and inappropriate, which if you subscribe on itunes, gives you a warning before hand, so if you don`t have a good sense of humor, than you wouldn`t quite like it. The reason why I listen in to the show is because I love Kevin Smith and his movies. I love his sense of humor, and they talk about the most ridiculous things. It allows me to have an hour a week to unwind and be able to laugh out loud in my room while sketching.
In the meantime, I yet to figure out how to create my own podcast, but once I do, you`ll be able to find it here. Until next time...

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  1. I tried to email you but it bounced back. Not sure why. Here's what I said.

    We have survived getting through report cards. My very last time.

    "Do you have any ideas of what to do next? Or have you done enough for your class requirement. I’m not sure what Dean expected.

    Kids have been looking at podcasts (inspired by your post) and I am asking them to think of what they could podcast about. It is so easy to do a podcast using the program called Garage Band on the Macs. You can even put music in the background. But I’m not sure how we could work with you on this.

    The weird thing is we have no school on the next 4 Fridays. And we have a break from April 10 til April 20. I’m guessing by that time you’re nearly finished."