Monday, March 9, 2009

Comments Gallore

Well not exactly, but today when I signed onto my blog, I received about 5 comments from Seth Dickens class from Italy. It was a pleasant surprise as the girls expressed their common interest with me and other things that they were into. You can view these comments from my old entry: "Hello Italy!"
Next in the class agenda, the students will create a wiki page based on psychology. The main focus will be Freud and his theories, which I'm sure, will be interesting. Than Amber and I are to make a video/presentation on Personal Learning Networks. Because I was ill today, I took the opportunity to lay in bed, and research a bit more on PLN's, and how we can present it, and explain to them what it is. I hope to also share this information with Stephanie Olson's class as it may also benefit their class as well.

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By James Sarmiento

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