Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Italy!

After being inspired by Amber's video, and receiving the question's that Seth Dickens class had prepared for us, I've created a video introducing myself, my hobbies, and my knowledge of Italy.
At first I was going to use my boyfriends mac, which is what I used to make my tech task#9 project with, but since he had to use it, I figured out how to make one using Windows movie maker. It was actually quite similar to the design and set up of the mac, so it didn't take long to understand where everything had to go.
Also in preparation of this video, I used flickr to provide beautiful visual imagery. I had fun making this, but I also felt a little silly for the purpose of recording myself in my room, but like I said in my video, and I'll say it here: "I'm excited to expand my horizons."
Let me know what you think.

Ps: I wasn't able to include music for background noise because it would push my audio clips to the end of the song. Does anyone know how to have both playing at once?


  1. Well done. With Movie Maker you are limited to one sound track. What I would do is take the movie you just made and load it as a new project that will leave you the audio track free to add music and be sure to control the volume level.

  2. Great video! *high five* I'm sure your mentorship students in Italy will love you.

  3. Yes, you can do what Dean suggested. But another option is Audacity. I do all of my voice recording right on there and then save the track as my audio track (windows movie maker has an audio and an audio/music track) and then you can still have music in the background of your talking/videos. If you need more clarification (if you want to try that way next time) just let me know and I will help you through it.

  4. That was great. makes mine look pretty low budget.

    Do you have anything else planned with that class from Italy ??

  5. Yeah... he wants to skype but I'm not sure how that'll pan out.

  6. Hi Alex!My name is Giulia.
    I'm from the class 3LSS in Italy.
    I have seen your video with my classroom and I like it very much!
    I study Social Science and Freud's theories are very interesting.
    In my free time I like going out with my friends or with my boyfriend,going shopping and reading.Two times a week I play karate and it's my favourite sport.

    Goodbye! See you soon!

  7. Hello Alejandra!!
    I'm Chiara, a Seth's student from Italy!
    I like your video!! I think you're a nice girl!
    I also listen to punk and rock music; in particular I listen to Rancid, sometimes Ramones...and you?! But I listen to other types of music,too.
    I never do skateboard..Twice a week I go to swim..
    I hope we can communicate again soon..

  8. Hi there Alex!

    Wow.. can't believe noone from my class has commented yet (it was their homework to leave a comment on your or Amber's blog.. anyhow.. just to let you know that the students loved your video last week. They were especially gooey about the photo of you and your boyfriend which brought a big "Aaahh che cariiinooo" or "Ahhh how cuuuute" into the class.

    Thanks once again for the excellent job you did here. It's quite obvious that both you and Amber spent a lot of time and effort on your videos. It won't be forgotten. Our wiki-psychology pages will be great!

    All the best,

    Seth (In Italy)

  9. Hi!!!! I am Silvia and I am 17 years old.
    I attend Martino Martini school in the class 3LSS..
    I like your video!!!...would you like to come in Italy??
    You are very good at drawing and I think at snowboarding too.
    see you soon Alex!!

  10. Hi AlexPlease to meet you. My name is Linda and I'm Italian. I'm a Seth's student! Last week my class and I watched the video in class toghether with Dickens. It's very nice and we are very happy in your work. Thanks to answered our questiones, we understand a lots of things about the life in Canada. I study English at school and I love it very much! I would like to improve my English and I hope that you answer me if I ask you something. I’m interesting about the music that you listen:pop,dance,punk,rock music!I like making phothos too, especially at the nature. My class and I attend the school of social sciences and we study psychology, sociology, pedagogy, philosophy…I love this subjects, but I would like to begin a midwife. Sorry if we have ask you “How is the life in California?” We don’t know that you live in Canada!
    I look forward to writing you soon!
    + + +

  11. Hi Alex!
    I am Anna,an Italian student of high school Martino Martini in Mezzolombardo.
    I and my class have received your video message.
    It was a very interesting video and a very good lesson!!!
    I live in Mezzocorona,a small town about 20 kilometres from Trento.I like living here because it is a quiet and sunny town.
    I am studying scienze social at Mezzolombardo Martino Martini.
    In the future I would like to become a teacher.
    I like pop and techno,too.
    In my free time I like swimming,hanging out with my friends and dancing.
    I usually go dancing twice a week.
    I am so glad that you have sent us a message about yourself and.......sorry for my mistakes!!!
    I am very exited about this project and it is important for me.
    I hope you can come soon here in is a beautiful state!!!

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  12. Hi Alejandra!!! I am Laura, I am 17 years old.I attend Martino Martini school in Italy, i am a Seth's student.
    I study social sciences.In my free time I like going out with my friends, playing sport and listening to music. I listen pop music, rock music and dance music.
    See you soon.