Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mentoring Via Internet

I entered my Wednesday night class eager to find out who I will be mentoring for the next few weeks. Of course as a form of torture, Dean doesn't tell us until the end of class. After an anxious two hours, I heard my two teachers name called out: Stephanie Olson, and Seth Dickens. As I knew before hand, one is provincial and the other is international. What a great way to compare and contrast cultures and experiences I will have with them both. The moment I arrived home, I contacted my teachers, eager to begin. Seth Dickens is from Italy, so due to the time difference, we may be playing e-mail tag for a while before beginning. I heard from Stephanie Olson the next morning. She teaches a grade 5/6 split from Moose Jaw. All of Stephanie's students already have blogs set up on blogger, so I took a gander at all 26 students to become familiar with them. I probably had the biggest smile on my face as I did this. I proudly showed my students off to my family and, expressing my excitement.
Tonight, I created my first video blog, using my laptop web cam. This is just a small meet and greet for the Moose Jaw class.
This one goes out to you guys


  1. Wow Alejandra! That is SO awesome! You'r classes are lucky to have you!! Good luck!

  2. Alex,Did you notice that I read your name as AlejandrO before and thought you were male. How embarassing. The photo with the bubblegum (that I like a lot) makes it hard to see facial features.

    I like this video. I will play it for the kids tomorrow or send them to your site.


  3. Hahaha... well, understood.
    I am excited to hear more from your kids.

  4. Hi I'm Lauran,
    I'll be one of your new internet students. You sound awesome! I love your picture! It's awesome!! Bye